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Woman Preparing Food


Food is the foundation of our body and digestion the seat of our health.

If your digestion is strong, you are able to transform food into
vital energy to fuel your body. 

Traditional Asian medicines like Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic medicine revere the importance of digestive fire. It allows our bodies to properly digest food without feeling heavy, bloated or uncomfortable after eating. In order to maintain that strong inner fire, we must fuel our bodies properly. That looks different for many people. 

At YMW, we take an integrative approach with diet recommendations. Utilizing functional medicine and biochemical results with the philosophies of age-old practices of Acupuncture & Asian Medicine.  Acupuncture along with the right diet can treat many digestive issues and support your bodies ability to transform & transport food into energy. 

Healthy Food

Food is perhaps the single most influential component of health. Use it as medicine & enjoy its many delicious wonders simultanously!

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